6/ A Bjarke Ingels Original


With BIG, together we have begun repairing the fragmentation of the industry. By integrating investment, development, sales, marketing, construction and major suppliers into a single entity, we are taking back control of all aspects of the building, from its inception through to its operation, allowing architecture once again to become a total work of art, a Gesamtkunstwerk. Rather than stitching together fragmented services, we are returning to holistic design. Rather than pragmatic boxes with elegant décor, we can conceive integrated design solutions where buildings look beautiful because they perform beautifully.

In a world of copies, knockoffs, versions and recycled thinking, Vancouver House stands apart – every home in the project is unique and each of the Creative or Marketplace spaces are of original design. Through creativity and innovation, the architects have found a way to build subtle variations into each floor plan. Consider the possibilities, BIG has built in what others only imagine – custom spaces. At Vancouver House, you now have the opportunity to buy or lease an original – a work of art.

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to distinguish what it is you do as oppose to your peers, everything we’ve tried to do at Vancouver House is exemplary. Every one of the residential units is a unique space, every one of the Creative Spaces is a unique space. The totality is a project that has never been designed before and will never be created again. The message it conveys to the entrepreneur running their business from this space is that you’re challenging the norms, you’re disrupting the status quo, you’re seeing constraints as opportunities to exercise your creativity….

“Today the North American service-oriented design industry has Balkanized the building profession into an array of separate specialty consultants, each with their distinct area of expertise, leaving no one with holistic overview or overarching responsibility.”

“The inevitable results are cities designed by cookie cutters, zoning diagrams turned massing models, and an arbitrary choice of style at the base and gesture at the tip. Architectural ambition is reduced to an upgrade in curtain wall type or material choice. The same tower-on-a-podium in “regular,” “premium” or “deluxe.” And since the developer has outsourced his decision-making power to his marketers and cost consultants, the role of the architect has exploded into a dozen different professionals—there is no one with the power nor mandate, mission nor vision to change the game and create real significant impact.”

– Excerpt from Fight for Beauty Foreword by Bjarke Ingels