4/ Westbank — Culture Company


Westbank is a practice dedicated to the creation of beauty, in all forms and in the broadest definition. We invite collaborations with cultural pioneers, showcasing their work and allowing it to inform and influence our projects.

We embrace our eclectic nature, broadening our interests and seeking out collaborators in art, culture, music, fashion, technology, sustainability, and architecture, while taking on projects at every scale, from the micro to the macro level.

Westbank has always been a practice seeking to make meaningful contributions to the cities in which we work and we see the creation of beauty as the means to this end.

Westbank has built a practice around long term commitments to artistry, sustainability, city-building and broadly, the creation of beauty, commitments which have increasingly begun to manifest themselves through our cultural contributions to the cities in which we work.

Westbank has always created projects which exemplify the highest standards. Our projects have consistently led their markets because of design innovation – the creation of value through ideas as well as through a degree of design excellence and quality that has come to define our practice.

By purchasing a Creative Space or leasing a Marketplace Space in a Westbank project, you are receiving the finest quality product with the greatest value at a prime location in a world-class city.