A Manifesto

It was through Vancouver House that we first discovered the word and philosophy behind “gesamtkunstwerk,” and came to the belief that it represents a guiding philosophy for all of our projects, current and future. We wanted to take the idea of the total work of art to a whole new scale – applying this philosophy to find solutions to complex problems and creating opportunities for enlightened city-building. Today, this concept continues to manifest itself in our projects in new and interesting ways.

If “gesamtkunstwerk” was our first defining philosophy, then Vancouver House is its manifestation. Since we were introduced to the concept and began its creation, Vancouver House has become one of the most watched and studied urban development projects in the world. Seven years in the making, we brought together everything that we learned through dozens of complex projects, with the best design and consultant team that could be assembled. It is now apparent that this cumulative effort has resulted in a giant leap forward – not only from a technical and environmental perspective but by bringing to our country a degree of artistry and of beauty that is unparalleled.

Awarded the World Architecture Festival’s Future Building of the Year in 2015, Vancouver House is among the most successful, innovative and creative projects being done in the world today. The homes in this project sold out in a matter of days and the project has become the catalyst for completely reimagining the surrounding neighbourhood in order to create a new community we call the Beach District. This is your opportunity to be a part of Vancouver House and collaborate with us to create the Marketplace and Creative Space in one of the most interesting projects under development in the world today.

There is only 74,000 square feet of Creative Space at Vancouver House and at grade, some very unique Marketplace spaces for lease, where we are looking for entrepreneurs whose values align with our ambitions to build a complete community exemplifying the total work of art.

This is not office space; it is something altogether different. This is professional space, creative space, gallery space, maker space. This is your space. Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, every space is different, everyone is unique.

This is an opportunity like no other to help shape the build out of our city. We are now seeking like-minded collaborators with creativity, passion, new ideas and ambition, to join us and help create a vibrant, thriving community at the Beach District.

– Ian Gillespie