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Vancouver House High Speed Elevator Cab by BIG
Stainless steel, LED light, mirror, biometric security

The product of advanced computer-aided architectural and engineering design, Vancouver House uses the best of contemporary technology in its building systems and selection of construction materials. For example, vacuum-insulated composite wall panels custom-produced by Dow Corning (and based on NASA research) in combination with triple glazing throughout results in an unparalleled level of energy conservation and acoustical performance.

Drawing on the knowledge of Glotman-Simpson Engineers, with over 100 local towers in their portfolio, and New York’s Buro Happold, the structural design for Vancouver House far exceeds all technical and safety standards.

The Vancouver House passenger elevators use premium high-efficiency gearless traction technology offering ultra-high speeds, reduced power consumption, and smooth acceleration. This state-of-the-art technology requires low maintenance, reduces downtime, and provides an extended lifespan. The elevators are the fastest in Canada, with speeds up to 1600 ft per minute.

Vancouver House has also designed-in the most advanced security technology available, including biometric systems ensuring easy but safe building access for all residents.


Triple Glazing

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Advanced Biometric Security Systems

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