14/ Healthy Living

The best quality of life for residents informs every decision made in engineering Vancouver House. Unlike other residential towers, mechanical systems here use 100 percent fresh and UV-treated and carbon-filtered outdoor air with no recirculation. Similarly, all domestic water passes through a

reverse-osmosis filtration system, and homes are served with a highly flexible and efficient top-end hydronic heating and cooling system. Green roofs will grace the lower pavilions of Vancouver House, lowering energy costs and providing inspiring and ever-changing vistas from the suites above.

Hydronic Heating & Cooling System

Jaga product include LST (low surface temperature) radiators, fan assisted dynamic heating and cooling systems, perimeter heating solutions and eyecatching designer radiators. Jaga product is based on unique Low-H2O technology. Low-H2O means “low mass, low water content” so they heat a room far quicker than other radiators, maintain the temperature more accurately, and therefore reduce energy consumption.

Enhanced Water Quality System

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Air Filtration System

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13/ Advanced Building Technology


15/ LEED Platinum Design Standards