15/ LEED Platinum Design Standards

Vancouver House will be one of the most technologically advanced high rise residential buildings in the world. It is designed and built to be one of the world’s first LEED Platinum-certified residential towers. LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a rating system recognized as the mark of excellence for green building. LEED Platinum is the top standard for ensuring that people, planet, and profit are aligned to have the smallest environmental impact while also conserving precious natural resources. Vancouver House gives its home owners the comfort of knowing that their purchase makes a difference to our shared world, while at the same keeping their heating, light, and operating costs to a minimum.

  • Active Building Technologies
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Low Temperature Hydronic Heating and Cooling
  • Water Conservation Plumbing Fixtures
  • Passive Building Features
  • Triple Glazing
  • Vacuum Insulated Panels
  • Wellness
  • Air Purifiers
  • High Water Quality Sustainable Agriculture
  • Active Building Technologies / Commercial & Retail
  • Highly Efficient LED Lighting
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Daylighting Controls
  • Radiant Ceiling Heating & Cooling (Office)
  • Low-Energy Fan-Coil Units with ECM Monitors (Retail)
  • Energy Sources
  • Community Energy System
  • Low Carbon Energy Sources


14/ Healthy Living


16/ World Housing