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In a class of its own as a patron of public art, Westbank has embraced demanding, avant-garde work by the finest artists, using its projects as vast canvases. This will also be true for Vancouver House, where Westbank will build large light boxes on the underside of the bridge to showcase work by young local artists. The major installation is “Spinning Chandelier” by Rodney Graham, a monumental faux glass recreation of a 200 year-old French chandelier that will rapidly drop at a fixed time every day, spinning as it descends, cascading light all around it.


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Public Art by Westbank

Westbank began incorporating public art into its developments in 1996, and over the next 15 years rapidly evolved as the leading private commissioner of artwork within the urban environment. The development of Westbank’s public art program follows a markedly sympathetic path to that of the artist, and their successive projects are evidence of an ambitious engagement with the potentials of public art, from urban and architectural decoration to fully-fledged contextual and architectural negotiation.

Persian Glass Series Dale Chihuly
Freeblown functional & sculptural glass works 1998

Light Art Diana Thater
LED Light, steam, glass 2005

lying on top of a building the clouds looked no nearer than when I was lying on the street Liam Gillick
Helvetica Bold, stainless steel 2009

Forest Screen James KM Cheng and Adeline Lai
Stainless steel 2010

Hand Vote Kota Ezawa
Painted wood panels 2012

Abbott & Cordova Stan Douglas
Digital print 2009

Rising Zhang Huan
Stainless steel 2012

Beyond the Sea, Against the Sun Martin Boyce
Perforated steel, steel chain, wired electrical lights installation dimensions variable installation 2015


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