17/ Gesamtkunstwerk: Interior Architecture

Adopting a philosophy of the total work of art, BIG’s design team took a fresh look at every detail that makes up a home: folded metal suite entry doors, wide plank oak flooring, residential LED-lit corridors lined with Corian and framed by mirrored ceilings. Total design demanded originality and innovation, from BIG’s custom-designed kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, to their notion of a sculptural kitchen island.

The palette of interior finishes is at one with the feel of copper, steel, glass, and natural materials of the architectural exterior. BIG decided no existing line of bathroom fixtures was right for Vancouver House, so they worked with leading manufacturer Kohler to devise the latest extension of their acclaimed Kallista Line, making its world premiere here. The same simple but powerful lines that inform the outline of the building will shape these elegant fixtures, original art-works in their own right.


Taper by BIG reinvents minimalist design through shape-shifting geometry, turning the practical into poetry. The inviting contours of the Taper reach forward, transforming from cone to cylinder and into a distinctive right angle that eliminates the escutcheon and turn down tip. The result is a design that is unconventional, unexpected, and playfully approachable.



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